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In a recent interview with Paul Altieri of Revolution asked Paul about a vintage Rolex he believes to be historically significant for the Crown, but is unknown to most.

This is the transcript of that short exchange where Paul told us about his 1959 Fake Watches with square crown guards, reference 5512. Enjoy.

One of my favorites is what I call a sleeper -- a timepiece that only the most sophisticated could truly appreciate. My 1959 Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 with square guards.

The watch was found by my company Bob's Watches and I purchased it from its original owner, who is a retired sergeant in the United States Army.

This gentleman had worn his watch throughout his military service but had never had it serviced. Watchmakers polish watches like this to blur the sharp edges of the crown guard and case sides. They also replace worn-out original parts, such as the hands, with brighter and more modern ones.

Rolex has even replaced the dial of some watches with a more modern dial.Hublot Classic Fusion Replica Watches This can severely reduce the value of the watch for a collector.

This watch is significant because it's one of the first Submariners to have crown guards. These are metal pieces that surround the sides and protect the crown from damage if it were accidentally struck against something sharp, like a piece industrial or military equipment.

This impact can cause the metal stem that is attached to the crown of the watch to break. You will then be unable to set the clock and the water resistance may also be compromised.